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Vinta Inks

Vinta Fountain Pen Ink - Arnibal 1856 (Burnt Sugar)

Vinta Fountain Pen Ink - Arnibal 1856 (Burnt Sugar)

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This ink pays homage to the sugar syrup or Arnibal commonly used in ‘Taho’, a delectable soy drink that is a classic staple among Filipino street snacks. On cold, rainy afternoons in particular, Taho is the perfect snack to warm yourself up with. Sugarcane farming in the Philippines predates the Spanish colonial period but it was first industrialized in 1856.

*This ink has an enticing dark brown base, topped with a delicious amount of gold shimmer.

Vinta Ink Features:

1. Encased in a glass amber bottle 

2. 30 or 45ml of Ink enough for at least 45 refills.

3. Proudly Handmade in the Philippines 

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