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Jacques Herbin

Jacques Herbin 1670 Fountain Pen Ink - Violet Imperial

Jacques Herbin 1670 Fountain Pen Ink - Violet Imperial

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The 1670 Collection celebrates the rich life and adventures of Herbin, an enterprising French sailor of the mid-17th century. While he was in the employ of the Compagnie des Indes Orientales, he made a number of voyages to India, collecting ingredients and formulas for his sealing wax and inks.

Violet Imperial

Violet Imperial is the newest color in the 1670 Anniversary collection with bluish reflections and a thousand sparkling shimmers. Because of the scarcity of dyes, this color is a symbol of luxury but also of mystery used by the Emperor and his family under the Roman Empire and then by the various royalties.

King Louis XIV, under whom Jacques Herbin was founded, used it for his clothes during certain periods of his life.

Size: 50ml


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