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Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen- Anthracite

Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen- Anthracite

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Starting as early as 1905, Kaweco had already manufactured the first writing instruments made of metal. Products, made of silver or gold-plated brass in the past, are made of aluminium today: A high-quality aluminium manufactured with CNC technology is refined in further processes to obtain its satin finish and hardened surface.

The metallic body made of high-quality aluminium provides an unique haptic experience. Its fine surface imparts elegance and the low weight makes it ideal while on the go. The colour versions include black, anthracite, silver, the used-look Stonewashed blue and the shiny RAW, which develops a patina with delicate traces of use remarkably quickly due to its untreated aluminium.

Five different nib sizes are available for the fountain pen, from extra fine to extra broad. While the extra fine nib (EF) is suitable for small and delicate handwritings, the extra broad (BB) nib is often used for large, dramatic signatures. For beginners, we recommend the nib size medium (M). All nibs are produced in Germany.

The AL Sport series offers four writing systems: Our fountain pen, roller ball pen, mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen with or without a Touch Stylus.

Upgrade your Kaweco experience with one of our leather pouches available in Black, Brandy, Creamy Espresso, Tender Mint or Chilli Pepper. They protect the pens on the go and are a real eye-catcher. Additionally, we also offer suitable refills, inks in eleven vivid colours and elegant clips in silver, gold, bronze or black.

Material Colour: Anthracite
Writing System: Fountain Pen
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 21 g
Length opened: 13 cm
Length closed: 10,5 cm


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