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New Release TWSBI Diamond 580AL Fountain Pen-Black (Pre-Sale)

New Release TWSBI Diamond 580AL Fountain Pen-Black (Pre-Sale)

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TWSBI Diamond 580, a classic fountain pen with a piston ink-filling system. By fusing the traditional mechanisms of the fountain pen with a modern industrial design, we have created an eye-catching fountain pen that is simultaneously appreciative of the past and relevant in the present. The Diamond 580 comes with a benchmark ink-filling mechanism and has all detachable parts. We felt that it was important to allow the user to disassemble and reassemble the pen and completely experience the traditional aspects of owning and using a fountain pen.

Improved grip and end barrel section compared to 540

580 has increased ink capacity, about 30% more than 530

580 has improved the smoothness of cap thread turning

580 shows you our promise on continuous product improvement on small details

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