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Octopus Fluids

Octopus Fluids Write and Draw Fountain Pen Ink- Violet Giraffe

Octopus Fluids Write and Draw Fountain Pen Ink- Violet Giraffe

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Octopus Write & Draw drawing ink, waterproof ink for fountain pens, pens and brushes, vegan

The Octopus Write & Draw inks are unique, smudge-proof and waterproof writing and drawing inks in their large range of colors , which were developed for daily use in fountain pens and from Graphic designers, illustrators, calligraphers and artists also love to use a calligraphy pen, glass pen or brush for writing, sketching, drawing and colouring.

When developing the drawing ink, particular attention was paid to its use in fountain pens . The use of the finest colour pigments in a carefully balanced recipe ensures high light fastness and a good, even ink flow without clogging the fountain pen's ink pipe . The excellent writing behaviour of the classic Octopus fountain pen inks can also be found in these pigmented writing inks. The Write & Draw drawing ink meets the requirements for document-safe ink according to DIN ISO 12757-2 and DIN ISO 14145-2 and is made exclusively with vegan ingredients.

Writing enthusiasts love the razor-sharp typeface that can be achieved on paper suitable for fountain pens and the pleasant shading of the Write & Draw writing ink. The calligrapher creates the finest hairlines and impressive flourishing elements and the urban sketcher creates precise outlines. The ink or ink dries waterproof in a very short time and can then be painted over with a different color of the Octopus Write & Draw inks or watercolors. It is eraser-proof and most of the colors are also highlighter-resistant. The Octopus Write & Draw ink is ideal for coloring, both pure and diluted with water. When used undiluted, the waterproof ink impresses with its opacity. The many colors of Octopus drawing ink can be mixed with each other or with water. In this way, countless shades of colour can be achieved for beautiful watercolour effects .


Made in Germany

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