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Vinta Inks

Vinta Fountain Pen Ink- Holen 1946 (Marbles)

Vinta Fountain Pen Ink- Holen 1946 (Marbles)

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This color is inspired by the introduction of marble games or ‘holen’ during the American colonial period. The game was instantly popular and took off well among Filipino children as it could be easily played, rain or shine. The year 1946 marks the end of American occupation in the Philippines.

*This ink has a moody blue-grey base with a sprinkling of bright, metallic blue shimmer

Vinta Ink Features:

1. Encased in a glass amber bottle 

2. 30 or 45ml of Ink enough for at least 45 refills.

3. Proudly Handmade in the Philippines 

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