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Vinta Inks

Vinta Fountain Pen Ink- Salimbay 1949 (Plume)

Vinta Fountain Pen Ink- Salimbay 1949 (Plume)

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Inspired by the Lola Basyang fairytale, “Prinsipe ng mga Ibon”, this ink captures the story of a beautiful princess named Singsing who transforms into a bird to be together with her lover, Prinsipeng Ibon. 1949 is the year when the Lola Basyang comics were first printed and released.

“Plume” is a lovely bright purple ink with deeper blue undertones and a pale pretty pink shimmer.

Vinta Ink Features:

1. Encased in a glass amber bottle

2. 30ml of Ink enough for at least 45 refills.

3. Proudly Handmade in the Philippines

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