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Kokuyo Campus Soft Ring Notebook - B5 Lined Black Red

Kokuyo Campus Soft Ring Notebook - B5 Lined Black Red

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A spiral notebook that utilizes "soft rings with a new touch" that were developed by Kokuyo.

While taking advantage of a spiral notebook's characteristics of folding backward for ease of writing and viewing in cramped places, you don't have to worry about the rings getting in your way when writing on the edges.
It will set the new standards for notebooks.

The rings are shaped in a "D-letter" form to offer a smaller width that doesn't have the bulkiness associated with spiral notebooks.

The rings come in different colors, which make it ideal for using them for different subjects, as they can be easily distinguished by their spine.

Features easy-cut pages that have tiny perforated lines for detaching while leaving clean edges.

The ruled pages are dotted for assisting "beautiful writing."

●Size/ B5
●Rule content/ 6mm Dot line
●Number of Lines/ 34 Lines
●Number of Sheets/ 40 Sheets
●Paper quality/ Middle Paper:high-grade paper
●Color/ B: Blue, G: Green, P: Pink, V: Purple, Y: Yellow

Country of Origin: JAPAN

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