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Colorverse Fountain Pen Ink - Egg Cockle / 061

Colorverse Fountain Pen Ink - Egg Cockle / 061

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Introducing Colorverse Fountain Pen Ink from Korea. Elevate your writing experience with this premium ink. The captivating colors will bring your words to life, making your writing a true work of art. Indulge in the luxury of Colorverse.

-Do not use it for purposes other than writing.
-Always close the cap after use. Otherwise, the ink may dry out easily.
-Avoid direct sunlight, keep out of children.
-Do not eat.
-In case of drinking an ink or contacting with eyes, immediately clean with water and seek a doctor's advice.
-Removing ink from textile is difficult. Take caution when in use.
-Ink may drip if rubber packing is loose.
-In such case, properly place the rubber packing and close the cap.

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