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Vinta Inks

Vinta Fountain Pen Ink - Amihan 1901 (Rainshower)

Vinta Fountain Pen Ink - Amihan 1901 (Rainshower)

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This color is a nod to the reorganization of the Manila Observatory during the American colonial period. It was formally named ‘The Weather Bureau’ in the year 1901 and placed under the Department of Interior. Now present-day PAGASA, it is responsible for predicting typhoons and floods, as well as providing public weather forecasts and other advisories.

*This ink has a crystal clear aqua-blue base, smattered on top with a shower of light gold shimmer.

Vinta Ink Features:

1. Encased in a glass amber bottle 

2. 30 or 45ml of Ink enough for at least 45 refills.

3. Proudly Handmade in the Philippines 

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