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Kaweco AL Sport Rollerball Pen- Stonewashed

Kaweco AL Sport Rollerball Pen- Stonewashed

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The color of your favorite faded jeans is also available as a pen: The AL Sport Rollerball in Stonewashed Blue not only looks casual, but also fits perfectly in the hand.  

The metallic body made of high-quality aluminum gives these writing instruments a special feel. The fine surface gives them elegance. 

The Kaweco Sport has been around since 1911. The rollerball for the bag only measures 10.5 cm when closed and grows to a normal size of 13 cm with the cap on. The invention of the rollerball makes writing particularly easy and smooth. The gel flows uninterruptedly over the ceramic ball onto the paper surface, creating an exceptionally soft writing experience. Kaweco offers blue and black quality leads with a line width of 0.7 mm.

As a suitable addition, there are leather cases from Kaweco for one or two writing instruments, which protect the pen from being scratched while on the go. If you like to keep your pen compact on your notebook, you can equip the gel roller with a clip in silver, gold, bronze or black.

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