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Kaweco Art Sport Fountain Pen- Terrazo

Kaweco Art Sport Fountain Pen- Terrazo

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Unique like art - No two writing instruments in the Kaweco Art Sport series are alike. In an elaborate process, high-quality acrylic rods are cast in outstanding colour combinations and structures. This creates unique patterns, which make each fountain pen one of a kind. Four fascinating colour variants let design enthusiasts' and collectors' hearts beat faster.

On the one hand, cool colours in interplay with silver elements are convincing. The different intensities of the mixed inlays and the highly polished surface create an impressive depth effect. A shimmering texture can be observed in the sunlight, which gives the Pebble Blue and Mineral White fountain pens a very special elegance.

  • The ART Sport is crafted from exquisite acrylic material, undergoing precision machining by CNC machines before being meticulously hand-polished.
  • Staying true to the original 1935 Kaweco octagonal design, the Kaweco Sport embodies timeless aesthetics.
  • With a compact size that feels just right in your hand - measuring 4.1" long (105mm) when closed, 5.1" long (130mm) when open, and slightly over 1/2" in diameter (14mm).
  • The pen features a permanently mounted clip, ensuring a secure hold whether you're on the go or using it on a writing pad.
  • It comes complete with a blue ink cartridge, allowing you to start writing immediately, and is elegantly presented in a Kaweco Nostalgic metal tin box.
  • Proudly crafted in Germany, the Kaweco ART Sport seamlessly blends artistry and precision engineering.

Estimated Product Arrival : December 2023

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