Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen - Black Aluminum

Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen - Black Aluminum

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Historic master of metamorphosis: First conceptualized in 1920, nowadays, our SUPRA fountain pen convinces with its many ways of individualisation.

Based on the Liliput design, the "big brother" was created as a variably adjustable fountain pen. Its weight and length can be individually adapted to each hand through various possibilities of different variations. In order to not sacrifice the series' handiness despite its diameter of roughtly 12mm, the SUPRA series has a connection piece that shortens the pen's length from 125 to 95mm. The cap adds another 40mm when reattached to the back.

The famous Eco Brass – from the Wieland Werke in Ulm, Germany – is lead-free. As usual, brass will start developing a patina over time. Besides the brass variant, you can also go for stainless steel, or its Fireblue version, which is blued by hand. Both are Made in Germany.

Due to the high weight of the series, the Supra fountain pen presses more easily onto the paper by itself. This feature facilitates longer writing.

You can choose between five nib sizes. The nibs are produced in Germany and are available from extra fine to extra broad. Thanks to the screw mechanism, the existing nib can also be replaced at any time by another 250 thread nib.

Material Colour: Black Aluminum
Writing System: Fountain Pen
Material: Brass
Weight: 20 g
Length opened: 16,5 cm
Length closed: 13 cm
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