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Maruman Mnemosyne

Maruman Mnemosyne N295 Spiral Notebook - A5 Lined

Maruman Mnemosyne N295 Spiral Notebook - A5 Lined

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Notebook brand developed by Maruman was born in 2004 with the theme of supporting people's work with "paper" amid the rapid spread of electronic devices. Smooth writing paper, stylish design, and ruled lines and size variations for various scenes continue to be favored by many working people.
The brand name is derived from the name of "Goddess of Memory" that appears in ancient Greek mythology, and the idea that writing on paper leads to memory is included.
"Mnemosyne" is a tool that encourages workers to "write" and bring creativity to their work.

History of Maruman

In 1918 (AD: 1920), the first president, Koichi Iguchi, was founded in Kanda, Tokyo, and started manufacturing sketchbooks.
The business was temporarily suspended due to the war, but shortly after the war, the business resumed as Maruman Shoten Co., Ltd. in 1947.
The old building of Maruman Shoten itself in Nakano, Tokyo is now the latest building.

Made in Japan

Product Specifications

subcategory Note
Product number N295-12
size A5
Body dimensions Height 210 x Width 161 x Thickness 10mm
Body dimensions Height 210 x Width 148mm
weight 247g
Cover material PVC+impregnated paper
Bookbinding twin wire
Type of border 7mm ruled line with special memory
Text 80 pieces
Paper (paper type) Writing paper 80g/㎡
Presence of perforations
JAN code 4979093295128
Country of origin Japan
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