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Kokuyo Campus Spiral Notepad - A7 Lined Navy Blue

Kokuyo Campus Spiral Notepad - A7 Lined Navy Blue

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Dotted ruled lines for neatly recording sentences and charts

By using lines with dots that allow organized paragraph layouts and equally-aligned dots along lines, you can improve your writing style while making it easier to look through your notes.

Features of dotted lines:
1. Easily align the beginning of each paragraph.
2. Offers markers when aligning the top of diagrams or the frame of tables and graphs.
3. Short rulers can be used for writing straight lines.
4. Allows ease of pasting documents along the dots for a clean appearance
5. Enables ease of writing vertically.

The lines utilize a gray hue that won't stand out during writing.

Features easy-cut pages that have tiny perforated lines for detaching necessary pages while leaving clean edges.

Has a conservative design and texture that is suitable for business use.

The medium-grade paper is forest-certified and environmentally friendly.

●Size/ A7
●Rule content/ 6mm Dot line
●Number of Lines/ 14 Lines
●Number of Sheets/ 50 Sheets
●Paper quality/ Middle Paper:high-grade paper
●Color/ Navy

Country of Origin: JAPAN

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