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Traveler's Notebook

Pre-selling ** Shipping Late April**: Traveler's Notebook TOKYO Limited Edition 2024

Pre-selling ** Shipping Late April**: Traveler's Notebook TOKYO Limited Edition 2024

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“TRAVELER’S COMPANY” is dedicated to providing tools for living each day as if it were a journey. 

This year, we are excited to release limited edition products themed around TOKYO.

The theme for the 2024 diary was "TRAVELER’S TOWN". We thought about this theme while imagining such things. Even when walking through the same town, a traveler and a person who lives there may have different views. When local residents imagine the perspectives of travelers and travelers imagine the perspectives of local residents, the depth of the town's scenery becomes deeper and travelers can enjoy the town as if they were walking through TRAVELER’S TOWN, an ideal town for travelers.

TRAVELER'S notebook “TOKYO EDITION” and its customized items are designed with a focus on Tokyo, where TRAVELER'S COMPANY is based. 

Walk through the downtown area dotted with sumo stables, take a bath at bathhouses called “sento” when you get tired, and drink a glass of “chuhai”, at an “Izakaya”. Cross the river where houseboats float by and you will be greeted by a temple with a history of over 1,000 years. If you get off at a station on the Yamanote line or subway, you will see a cityscape of skyscrapers, a scramble crossing filled with people, and the tower rising like symbol of the city. Sushi, ramen, “anmitsu”, “cream soda”, and “taiyaki”. They are all part of Tokyo's everyday life and, at the same time, they are Tokyo's sights and specialties that appeal to travelers as well.

We hope that by holding TRAVELER'S notebook "TOKYO EDITION" in your hands, you will walk around Tokyo as if you are a traveler visiting the city as if you were living in Tokyo. Perhaps the next TRAVELER'S notebook may appear in your town.

Note: In the event Traveler's Notebook Company is not able to fulfill our order, Toronto Pen Shoppe will not be liable. Unfulfilled orders will be refunded upon confirmation no stock available.

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